We all deal with social anxiety sometimes, but there are some of us who really struggle.  We have trouble finding the right words, managing our thoughts, and feeling like all eyes are on us.

But imagine for a moment, that instead of having anxiety about going to a social event, you were excited about it. Imagine that you possessed the confidence to share your thoughts and not worry that people would judge you for what you had to say.

What if you had the courage to walk up to a group of people and join the conversation without feeling totally awkward.

Imagine your life without that crippling social anxiety.

Hi, I’m Aaron J Kelley. I’m a fellow anxiety-fighter and I created this site to help you overcome the fear and anxiety that has kept you from experiencing the life you just imagined.

What You’ll Find Here

Through bi-weekly blog posts, you’ll learn how social anxiety really works and what small changes you can make in your life to discard your anxiety.  Every blog post will have action steps for you to take designed to help you practice the skills needed to overcome social anxiety.

In addition to bi-weekly action steps, you can also participate in quarterly challenges to help you implement the strategies and tools discussed on the blog into your daily life.

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We’re in This Together

We are a community of people who have decided that social anxiety and fear will no longer keep us immobilized. We believe that our best life is possible and we don’t want to waste any more time letting our negative thoughts and feelings control us.

If you feel the same way, this is the perfect place for you and I’m glad to welcome you as a reader.   You’re free to come by anytime to read and comment as much as you like.

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