How to Stop Feeling Judged by Others

You know that feeling you get after you step out of your comfort zone? When you decide that you want to come out of your shell and push yourself to participate in the conversation.  Then, after sharing your comments and ideas, you realize it. Everyone's eyes are on you and you can tell from the expressions on their faces... They disagree with everything you're…
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How to Become a Social Anxiety Fighter - First Steps

If you're like me, you've turned to Google time and time again to answer one specific question... How do I overcome social anxiety?   The search results often give you a list of things you can do to work on your social anxiety.  Some say find a good self-help book or suggests medication and therapy.  Other results say keep exposing yourself to bigger fears over…
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Taming the Lion (Our Negative Thoughts)

I still remember the first time I went to the circus.  It was the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus at the Nassau Coliseum. I remember how exciting it was to watch the acrobats and the tight-rope walkers showing off their skills.  I even remember how puzzled my sisters and I were as we watched 25 clowns get out of…
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