How to Manage Social Anxiety in a Crowd

It’s just too scary, right? You walk into a crowded room and see those fancy people. They’re standing around flaunting their social skills.  They’re making small talk, meeting new people, and building relationships. Everyone loves them. People watch from a distance and think to themselves, “I wish I was like that.” I bet it’s crossed your mind too. After all, being social and able to talk to new […]

The 3 Keys to Self-Confidence

It happens to all of us. After reading the top blog posts on how to build your self-confidence, we go out there and give it a shot. We take every tip, shortcut, and strategy we can find and convince ourselves that this is all we need to succeed. But, instead of more self-confidence, we get more anxious, nervous, and forget everything we tried to memorize. It feels horrible. Instead […]

The Only Strategies You Need to Reach All Your Goals This Year

Can you believe it? It’s 11 days into 2017.  How are your goals coming so far? I’m trying my best to keep consistent with my plans.  How about you?  Has this year been different so far or the same as always? We make New Year resolutions, set goals, and make plans to do bigger and better things in the new year.  That “New Year, New You” saying […]

2016 Annual Review

In 2015, I wrote my first public annual review.  It recounted the good and bad of the past year and plans for the next. This year’s annual review is a little different. In addition to answering the same 3 questions: What went well in 2016 What didn’t go well in 2016 What I’m working toward next year I’m picking a personal theme to anchor me throughout next year. This theme will […]

How to Stop Feeling Judged by Others

You know that feeling you get after you step out of your comfort zone? When you decide that you want to come out of your shell and push yourself to participate in the conversation.  Then, after sharing your comments and ideas, you realize it. Everyone’s eyes are on you and you can tell from the expressions on their faces… They disagree with everything you’re saying,  dislike your outfit, hate […]

How to Become a Social Anxiety Fighter – First Steps

If you’re like me, you’ve turned to Google time and time again to answer one specific question… How do I overcome social anxiety?   The search results often give you a list of things you can do to work on your social anxiety.  Some say find a good self-help book or suggests medication and therapy.  Other results say keep exposing yourself to bigger fears over time.  The common thread […]

Understanding Social Anxiety So You Can Beat It

“I hope I don’t embarrass myself tonight,” thought Jessica as she took one last look in the mirror to make sure everything was perfect. As soon as that thought crossed Jessica’s mind, she had a flashback to the last time she went out with Annie, her best friend.  She was so anxious about being late, she arrived 20 minutes early.  Then, as she stood their waiting on her friend, her internal dialog began… What […]

How to Change Your Mental Presets

When Motorola designed the first car radios for mass use back in the early 1930’s, they were met with some intense opposition.   Cities, states, and major companies felt that adding a radio to a car would be a dangerous distraction to the driver. To fight this opposition, Motorola educated the world about the benefits of a car radio.  They explained how the radio could alert […]