Change isn't all that common.

I'm not saying you can't change.  You can.  But are you willing?

The reason change isn't all that common is because change isn't always easy.
Transformation takes hard work.  It demands that you show up on the days that you want to stay in bed.  Change requires you to speak when you want to be silent.  It calls for courage when you want to run and hide.  In order to change, you have to weather some tough days.

That's what makes change hard.

Talking about change is easy.  It's fun and exciting.  Most of us love to talk about change.

How do I know?

If you're like me, about 4 months ago you made a list of goals for 2016 and called them your New Year's resolutions.  Remember those big and bold promises we made?

We were going to get in shape, travel more, reconnect with family and friends.  We were going to change the world.

Yet, when the rubber met the road and times got hard, most of us quit.  We ran into adversity and raised our white flags.

We expect change to be easy, but it never is.  It never has been.  It likely never will be.

So the question is...

Is Change Worth It?

Is it worth it to bear down and fight through some hard days to ensure better days ahead?  Is it worth it to risk pain, embarrassment, or loss to improve who you are.

Is the struggle of the journey worth the end result?

I guess it depends on what you're fighting for.  It depends on why you're changing.  It depends on who you want to be.

I realize that I've fallen off the path I laid out earlier this year.  I haven't been consistent with my writing or kept up with my reading goals.  I haven't even taken my health goals seriously.  I'm missing the mark so far.

Yes, I've gotten behind on my plans.  Perhaps you have too, but the truth is, as long as we're still breathing we can get back on track.

We still have time to make changes.  So what if you didn't follow through on your goals so far, you can pick up where you left off.

Let's be the kind of people who wade through the tough times to learn the lessons needed to reach our goals.  I'm not interested in living in fear anymore.  I'm not interested in shying away from opportunities or acting inferior because of anxiety.

I'm interested in making a difference.  I'm interested in serving you and helping you make the difference you want to make.  I want our change to be that we've discarded our anxiety, and now life fuller impactful lives.

Change isn't common because many of us won't fight for it, but that doesn't make it impossible.  I'm willing to fight my own shortcomings to serve you.

Are you willing to fight for yourself?

Next Action Steps

Review your goals for this year and pick back up where you left off.  Let's get to work and make this year our best one yet.  What's one goal that you're going to pick back up and accomplish this year?  Share it in the comments.

For example: One of the goals I've let slide was my reading goal.  So I'm picking things back up.  My goal is simply to read 20 pages a day.