Discarded Anxiety - I Don't Want to Be famous

While I've never been famous, it doesn't seem all it's cracked up to be.

Sure, the money would be great, and the perks are likely wonderful, but fame seems to come at a much higher price tag than most people bargained for.

With the internet, paparazzi, and crazy fans selling their stories to the media, it seems that celebrities spend just as much, if not more, time protecting their career from people trying to tear it down as they do building it.

So no, I don't desire to be famous.  I don't desire to be known.  None of that motivates me anymore.

Honestly,  I just want to be faithful.

I want to be faithful to myself and the dreams I have by pushing myself to stretch my comfort zone every day.

I want to be faithful to my history by taking all my experiences and using them to help someone else.

I want to be faithful to my family by being present and engaged when we're together.

I want to be faithful to you, my readers, by showing up every week and offering you something that will challenge you and ignite a desire to begin making small changes in your own life.

So, my motivation isn't to be known, it's to be faithful.

I believe being faithful over those few things will help me conquer my fears, discard this anxiety, and accomplish whatever goal I set.

In this closing chapter and last month of 2015, I'm setting out to be more faithful and perhaps you should too.

Are you still fighting against your past?  Are you still telling yourself that next year won't be any better?  Are you chasing something that won't serve you any good?  Are you allowing your anxiety to control you?

Instead of spending your time spinning your wheels and going nowhere, try being faithful.

Be faithful to getting out of bed ever day and doing something good for yourself.  Start small like taking 3 big deep breaths before doing anything else every day.

Then grow that faithfulness to other things.  Start looking for one thing to be grateful for every day or take some kind of positive action whether it's reading for pleasure, writing in your journal, or simply saying hello to a coworker or stranger.

The point is to commit to something small and be consistent with it every day.

Before you know it, your faithfulness to the small things that truly matter will help cultivate an inner strength to aid you along your journey toward discarded anxiety.

Next Action Steps

In the comments below, name one small thing you will be faithful to for the next 30 days.

For example: For the next 30 days I will commit and be faithful to reading at least 10 pages The Obstacle is the Way every day, so that I can finish the book by the end of the month.


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